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Developing the ChiPACC Program



  • Contact State Medicaid and Title V Directors
  • Contact CMS to determine appropriate waiver authorities and receive technical assistance to facilitate program implementation
  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Establish, and develop procedural guidelines for, an Advisory Council representing agencies/providers
  • Structure preliminary time line for the project
  • Convene focus groups of parents whose children have died from a life-threatening condition
  • Define target populations


  • Develop scope of services for the children and families in target population
  • Determine initial population by geography or by characteristics of underlying conditions
  • Identify sources of funding that include Medicaid, insurers and Title V agencies serving children with special medical needs
  • Develop strategies to ensure that each family is able to participate in the ChiPACC program
  • Prepare materials to assist in outreach and provider education
  • Partner with other agencies to coordinate services and community resources
  • Educate and train pediatric providers
  • Develop requirements for inclusion of providers in the ChiPACC program and expand the service area for the program through addition of new providers


Examine and evaluate cost-effectiveness, quality of life factors, provider satisfaction measures, appropriateness and completeness of ChiPACC standards, and other appropriate parameters.

PARTICIPATE in the ChiPACC Technical Conference via webinar each spring

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Melissa Harris/CMS
Director, Division of Benefits and Coverage
Disabled and Elderly Health Programs Group
Center for Medicaid, CHIP and Survey & Certification
Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

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